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Ines Pop started working as a singing teacher in year 2012. She worked in State Music School in Serbia and she had her own Sining studio in her hometown in Banja Luka, Bosnia. 

It is the love of passing  the knowledge further to someone else that she finds precious and in some way the need to follow that feeling.

It came spontaneously and from the first teaching day she knew she need to be a singing teacher too.

"There is so much talk about the talent especially in defining voice talent. And it is for sure that the talent is something given like colour of voice or character, but what defins the good singer is the work and dedication to it. If you like to sing and if you adore to let your voice out, you can definitly learn how to sing".

In Vienna she is working as a private singing teacher and vocal coach with amateurs and professionals. She is teaching at Voice Workshops in Brunnenpassage, working with actors for Musicals, preparing young singers for studies, one to one lessons in all kind of music styles.


"One of the best ways of learning is to teach someone else."

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