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...every journey has a beginning and every song has a meaning....welcome to my world of music



- Ines Pop is master graduated operatic soprano and singer of modern/popular music.


- she beggins her singing journey at children festivals, in choir, starting with classical singing in music school and as the best student of generation she recieves a special Award aknowledgement of Royal Family Karadjordjevic in Serbia.


After finishing Music High School she continues with solo singing studies.


As a student she won many first prizes at international singing competitions, sang hundreds of concerts in  time from 2002 until now in the most biggest halls in Serbia, Bosnia, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Hungary.


At the same time after rehearsing and singing in Theather she sang easy evening jam sessions with circle of friends musicians and  singers . They grew into small  jazz, pop, R&B, soul concerts that made her up to move to Vienna and continue pursuing her career as modern singer. 


As resident in Vienna she is performing at the Gala  events, private events and partys, birthdays, weddings, different independent music and theather projects. 

- Ines Pop is also a pianist where she improvise her own style covering the greatest songs of world

with her unique style on the piano and her voice she knows how to catch people and make every event to a special moment. 

Other than singing she is also a singing teacher and vocal coach. She worked in State music schools in Serbia and Bosnia. In Vienna she is teaching in private music schools and  music school societies.

Ines Pop is also finishing her Master  program "Master of Arts Education" at the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien 


Photo © Boris Cikic
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